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Why everybody loves the Bask Country ?

We like the Basque Country for its resorts, its green mountains and for its gastronomy. Its proximity to two of the most beautiful regions of France, the Aquitaine and the Pyrenean and with Spain are additional assets. Finally, the Basque country charm with its authenticity.

The charm of the Basque seaside resorts and the most beautiful villages in France

We first came to the Basque Country for its prestigious resorts such as Biarritz and San Sebastian known for their beautiful beaches (Donostia Bay, St Jean-de-Luz, Anglet) facing the Atlantic Ocean to the delight of surfers. People come here for its very French California lifestyle: sun, swimming, surfing, golf. In short sportsman's paradise. They come back for its beautiful villages: Ustaritz, Guéthary Cambo-Les-Bains, Bidache and Aïnhoa, classified most beautiful villages in France ... To ski on the slopes of the Pyrenean foothills. For its cultural dynamism and its gastronomy. For its typical architecture blends the tiled roof, half-timbered house painted in Basque red and English green lawns.

Basque gastronomy

Basque culture in the gastronomic societies have always played a key role. Meeting places, the gastronomic societies are village associations, neighborhood or socio-professional combining the different structures of the Basque culture (the Basque language, dances and Basque songs, Basque sports, and of course the Basque gastronomy) . The legendary reputation of the Basques to the challenges and competition has only grow this emulation. All popular festivals and gatherings are pretexts for cooking competitions between neighborhoods, towns, cities, gastronomic societies or friends. Thus tapas and pintxos (traditional real miniature dishes) were developed. In the bars of Donostia as throughout the Basque Country all compete to create the best tapas and win various competitions. Basque cuisine using seafood that have a wide variety to this level of Biscay. Local products are also many with controlled appellations renowned as Bayonne ham and Espelette pepper that flavors all Basque dishes.

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