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Do you know Rayas wine ?

France, for its exceptional gastronomy is famous for wines. These brandies are a richness for all production regions and for the whole country. But this reputation is fully deserved because the country produces the most prestigious wines and the best selling in the world.

The Rayas's castle

The Rayas's castle is one of the most famous wine terroirs of the region of the Rhone Valley it forms a wine producer with its great wines, popular with French but also and especially visitors at luxury wine tourism in france. More than luxury, the Rayas wine is a real treasure seductive palate of amateurs. Indeed, these grapes have the specificity of being Grenache grapes complete and very ripe bunches. Connoisseurs will appreciate the quality of these wines, be they vintage or vintage wines without. Their taste is quite appreciable. The soil tends to produce the best wines but also the classiest and most refined of the locality.

The usual types of Rayas's wines

It's a mythical wine because of its refinement, manual grape that have suffered the grapes and mystery in its taste. You rayas white with Châteauneuf du Pape. It is made from Clairette and Grenache Blanc. It is just awesome with its dense pink color. Its peppery smell its aroma is tasty and slightly affects its texture becomes very thick. Consume after ten years in the cellar. Otherwise, you also red, born of the combination of three very different characters Grenache. The first very ripe and delicious, the second most robust and highly flavored and third with character and high minerality. The 2004 and 2005 Rayas and enter the trend with assured aging 10 years in the cellar and in the background was. For better taste, you need more patience because its taste comes with time and personality is all the better. You will surely appreciate the other variants of production Rayas castle.

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