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Discover Loire and Valley and Champagne with us !

Travel is always a psychological delight even the word puts the most skeptical breath. And when the organization is at the rendezvous, this delight becomes a perfection that would not return some ideas. In all cases exclusive travel in France will give satisfaction with its professionalism and experience particularly in the area of ​​the Loire Valley and Champagne.

Loire: The attractions not to be missed

Attractions are diverse, regardless of the purpose in the Loire Valley. The followers of history or thrill seekers will find their lot with exclusive travel in france that will ensure an organized delivery. In the area of ​​the Loire First, it will start with Le Mans is known for its rillettes and his racing endurance. This highly recommended for fans. The beauty of the region will also see through the visit of the Puy du Fou is a beautiful park and the botanical garden is a great place not to be missed. Thrill lovers will find it with the great challenge in the area also offer a unique orienteering. Of course, unique zoos are also in the region like the Biopark gifted the fountain it will certainly not miss. unusual attractions like the island of machinery or the passage Pommeraye will also be put in the list of activities.

The champagne is not as left

Really we can not talk to exclusive travel in France if you do not visit the Champagne. It is a history and beauty gem that will be essential to visit. Everything begins with a visit to the cathedral Notre Dame de Reims is just beautiful. Then necessarily will visit the St. Remy basilica that deserve a visit without fail. A little more than entertainment Nigoland will strengthen family ties, having been erected for this. When talking about the "worth" is thought to directly Taittinger is a beautiful cave must be seen as the holy Magdalene church later that is an architectural jewel. But these are a few examples among many others, but in all cases, the area is worth a look and organization of professionals will increase even more enjoyment of the trip.

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