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Biarritz : A luxurious place with amazing sceanry

It is in the department of Pyrenees-Atlantiques in region New-Aquitaine that is the municipality of Biarritz. It covers 1,166 hectares. It is not only the area bordering the hexagon with the Spanish territory but also one of its tourist places most appreciated by visitors from all over the world. Indeed, several thousands of local or foreign holidaymakers come to spend their stays in this municipality.

The landscape of Biarritz

There is not only one panorama in Biarritz because it is located on a specific geological site. The municipality has several landscapes composed of 4 kilometers of maritime facade, several kilometers of valleys and plains decorated with fields and mountains.

The coast of the Landes, which stretches for about 200 kilometers, is made up of fine sands and dunes. From Biarritz there are more cliffs and rocky islets. These geographical formations give a unique and symbolic landscape of the entire region. Each year they attract thousands of holidaymakers who wish to admire the nature and the waves on the shores as in Miramar.

Travelers therefore have a wide choice for their biarritz holidays. They can opt for various nautical activities or land activities such as hiking.

A perfect climate for holidays

Although the commune is open to the sea winds, the latter bring gentle and bearable breezes. The winter is rather delicate and not really aggressive and the summer heat is tolerable because they are softened by the winds coming from the sea. Thanks to this advantageous climatic situation, the municipality has been named "hydrothermal and climatic station" since 1912.

In addition, rains on the Basque coast are rarely persevering except during winter storms which are rare phenomena during the year. During these times, they can manifest as intensive stormy showers but which lasts only a short time with an annual frequency lower than that of all the other regions of the hexagon.

All this data makes the town of Biarritz a perfect destination for holidays whatever the season.

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